WindowMizer is a Mac application that will roll-up your windows like a windowshade. When you double-click the title bar of a window, WindowMizer minimizes the window to the Dock and leaves a placeholder title bar on the screen. When you want to get back to what you were doing, simply double-click the placeholder title bar and the window will restore from the Dock. No need to navigate to the Dock to find the window you just minimized... it's exactly where you left it!


  • Rolls up windows like a windowshade
  • Quickly see behind the front window without losing focus
  • Double-click to minimize a window, double-click again to restore
  • Sound effects when minimizing and restoring windows
  • Thumbnail window option creates mini place-holder windows
  • Transparent window effect
  • Global shortcuts to trigger window actions
WindowMizer Release Notes
Version 5.0.6
Sun, 23 June 2019 01:31:33 -0500
  • Fixed: Several issues caused by the New Floating window feature.
  • Fixed: Speed issue introduced with WindowMizer 5.0.5.
  • Added: Thumbnail and Transparent windows can now be floated.
  • Added: Advanced preference setting related to floating windows.
  • Updated: Localizations.

Version 5.0.5
Sun, 16 June 2019 20:08:24 -0500
  • Fixed issue with Event Tap port.
  • Fixed compatibility with FreeChat and WhatsApp.
  • Fixed compatibility with Adobe After Effects and Premier.
  • Added: Floating window options (global & app-specific).

Version 5.0.4
Sun, 09 June 2019 01:37:12 -0500
  • Hardened runtime for macOS 10.14.5.
  • Notarized by Apple notary service.
  • Rewrite distribution script to auto-notarize.
  • Updated: Japanese localization.
  • Prepare for discontinuation of DevMateKit.
  • Added: Microsoft AppCenter frameworks to start replacement of DevMateKit.

Version 5.0.3
Sun, 19 May 2019 04:20:51 -0500
  • Fixed: Long-standing bug on macOS 10.13.x that would lock-up WindowMizer.
  • Added: Preference setting to disable resizing of collapsed windows.
  • Changed: Shortcut UI style change.
  • Rebuild AXSwift.framework for Swift 5.
  • Safely unwrap optionals in Sound Controller.

Version 5.0.2
Sun, 5 May 2019 19:04:36 -0500
  • Fixed over 10 bugs reported via crash reports.
  • More Shortcut recording bug fixes.
  • Fixed dark text on black background in About box.

Version 5.0.1
Mon, 29 Apr 2019 21:02:43 -0500
  • Fix window-shading in
  • Fix issues with shortcut-recording UI
  • Prevent Quitting apps when command+A is pressed on certain keyboards
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 5.0
Fri, 18 Jan 2019 22:23:29 -0500
  • Completely rewritten in the Swift programming language (formerly written in Obj-C).
  • Supports macOS 10.12 and higher
  • Dark Mode interface on macOS Mojave (10.14)
  • Uses modern API's for improved efficiency & security
  • Supports the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • In-application checkout via Paddle (PayPal & Credit Cards)
  • Built-in Feedback and Crash Reporting
  • Eliminated "Offscreen" window handling

WindowMizer Version History