Discounts and Special offers

I offer discounts or free license(s) to Mac User Groups, Tweeters, Bloggers and anyone who verifys that they are helping promote WindowMizer.

Please send me an email with details about the size of your group and how you plan to promote WindowMizer.

Free licenses for Individuals

I will happily give a free license to anyone who meets any of these criteria:

1) Helped directly in WindowMizer development. (e.g. artwork, website, videos, or translations
2) Has created or significantly contributed to an open-source project used in WindowMizer.
3) Discusses WindowMizer at a User Group or in a video (must be recorded and available on youtube or similar site).
4) Is an Apple employee with a valid email address.
5) Is a Google employee with a valid email address.
6) Feels that he/she should get a free license for some other reason and convinces me.

Please send me an email and I will send you a free license link if you qualify.

Free licenses for the Press

Journalists and bloggers may request a free license if they plan to review WindowMizer.
I love to read articles about WindowMizer and I will be happy to give you a Not for Resale license in exchange.

Thank you!

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