Windows rolled up into title bar don't float ontop (not "sticky")

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Re: Windows rolled up into title bar don't float ontop (not "sticky")

Post by rgbworld »

There were some serious UI issues with version 5.0.5 - which was the initial implementation of a Floating window feature.

Please download and test version 5.0.6. It should behave much better with regard to Global shortcuts and window ordering both with and without showing animations.
When I drag an item over a collapsed Window (e.g. an image or webloc address I drag from any Browser window into a collapsed Finder window floating on-top), the title bar does not un- or de-collapse automatically but stays shut, keeping the item from getting placed into the file system.
Dragging items onto collapsed windows and having the window auto-restore and then allow drag-and-drop is not supported. It's another interesting idea that I will contemplate. I need to first focus on the floating window option and make sure that it works to some satisfaction. I don't suppose it would be too difficult to auto-restore a collapsed window on a stationary hover.

My concern would be whether or not drag-and-drop would instantly acknowledge the restored window and allow the "drop". In other words, say I restore a window on hover - it could be that after the auto-retore (uncollapse) that the mouse would then need to be moved out of the restored frame and then back into the frame region for the "real" window to acknowledge that a drag-and-drop operation is being attempted. Other than that, the actual drag-and-drop should be handled entirely by the parent application.

Please spend some time playing with the latest release and provide feedback on the existing Floating Window support. Some of the improvements include:
  • Unfloated windows remain behind floated windows throughout the entire collapse/restore operations. This is awesome! The windows would previously (v5.0.5) come in front of the floated collapsed windows for a brief moment before ultimately resting behind the floated window.
  • Thumbnail and Transparent windows can now be floated. This is pretty cool as well. For example if you specify the "Collapsed Window Layer" as "Floating Window layer", and then create Thumbnail windows in that app, they float!
  • Even more interesting is to Make a Transparent window in an app that puts its windows on the "Floating Window layer". The Transparent window floats! If the opacity of the window is set to 100% opaque, we ALMOST have a real floating window - other than it's content is merely an image (not live). I am considering auto-updating the image every 5 seconds or so. That would be as close as it gets to a real floating window.
Thanks again for suggestions and your time. I'll give auto-restore on hover a try in the next 2 weeks or so.


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Re: Windows rolled up into title bar don't float ontop (not "sticky")

Post by LeeBinder »

Superb, that all sounds very promising. Yes, I had the same thoughts (acknowledge the restored window vs. the title bar). Hopefully that's less tricky than you think.

I'm working on a huge project right now and might not be able to feedback about 5.0.6 until after July 1. But I'm sure looking forward to auto-restore on hover at some point :)

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