Windowizer 5.1 Release

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Windowizer 5.1 Release

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Hi Everyone. I hope you and your loved ones are all okay with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of us aren't going to be so lucky. I wish you all the best.

I have been working hard to release WindowMizer 5.1 which can be downloaded from here. Currently, WindowMizer 5.1 can only be manually downloaded. I have not yet enabled the release for automatic updates, I will do so in the next day or 2. If you want to adopt early, feel free to download and install it. I am attempting to govern the roll-out so I can monitor new back-end ordering and activation systems.

WindowMizer 5.1 is free for all subscribers and version 5 license holders. You may have received an email containing erroneous order information appearing to be a current charge for WindowMizer. If you received such email, please note that no charges were made or attempted. In short, all subscriptions require a User Account and an associated Order, so new Accounts and Orders were created where necessary and the system automatically generated emails in response to the newly created orders. Apologies for any confusion.

This update has been especially difficult and time-consuming because the entire Activation, Trial, Checkout and Update systems had to be replaced due to the discontinuation of a 3rd party library named DevMate which handled those core systems. The frustrating part is that DevMate was first implemented in WindowMizer version 5.0 under the premise that the framework was being merged with another platform and was undergoing improvements. Instead, just as I released version 5 in early 2019, I was informed that DevMate was being discontinued on Dec 19, 2019. Therefore, I was left with no alternative but to replace those systems. Putting in 40-80 hours per week, it has taken me a year to re-implement. So although it may not seem like a big update from a User perspective, and it may be a pain to have to re-activate the App, the changes are required to keep WindowMizer alive. Future updates will now become more frequent and will concentrate on bug fixes.

Eventually, the DevMate platform will be entirely shutdown, so everyone running WindowMizer version 5 will be required to upgrade to version 5.1 or higher.

- Will require re-entering Activation Code
- Use existing Activation Code to re-activate

If you don't have your Activation Code you can find it on the Account Downloads page.
If you do not know your RGB World Account password, you can reset it here.

Release Notes:
- Completely replace Trial, Activation & Licensing System.
- Remove DevMate framework and analytics (discontinued by Paddle).
- Replace DevMate with AppCenter framework for Crash Reporting & Analytics.
- Updated Paddle, AppCenter and Sparkle frameworks.
- Updated Localizations.

This is a living document. I will be updating and editing it over the next week as I slowly roll-out this nightmare of an update. I will start responding to enquiries via email and this board as soon as I can. FYI, I am a single-person development team and it is nearly impossible to keep all the plates spinning at once, but the future looks bright!