Important message to beta testers

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Important message to beta testers

Post by rgbworld » Sat Jan 19, 2019 9:04 am

Thanks to everyone who participated in the beta releases.

I just released WindowMizer 5 (non-beta) and unfortunately there is a couple issues that are going to require action on your part.

1) Automatic Updates are broken in the Beta versions of WindowMizer 5.
- You will *not* be notified that there is an update from the beta to the non-beta (Release) version.
- Whether you Check for Updates automatically or manually, the Release version will not be offered via WM in-app Software Update mechanism.

Download WindowMizer 5 and replace the Beta version with the Release version. You will then be notified of future updates either automatically or manually based on your preference settings.

2) Activation Codes delivered during the beta period may not Activate the Release version of WindowMizer 5.
This issue pertains only to Standalone Licenses purchased during the Beta. The issue was caused due to increasing the number of allowed activations from 2 to 3.

Anyone who purchased the Standalone License during the beta period will be issued a new activation code. New activation codes will be sent to those that will need one.

If you purchased during the Beta period and your Activation code fails to activate the Release version, please contact support for assistance if you have not received a replacement code.