WindowMizer randomly freezes in macOS High Sierra

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WindowMizer randomly freezes in macOS High Sierra

Post by jmagacs » Sun Dec 17, 2017 5:54 pm

I've run WindowMizer for years and consider it an essential app. Has anyone encountered this?: when running under macOS High Sierra, WindowMizer will seemingly randomly freeze, clicking rolled-up windows doesn't work, it won't let you use its menubar items, and can only be fixed by making another program have the focus and then using the Force Quit item from the Apple Menu. It doesn't seem related to anything obvious. Sometimes it will run for a day or two before freezing; sometimes only 15 minutes or so. It's happened when the screensaver was running; it's happened while I've been working on the Mac. I'd had a suspicion that there might be a bad interaction with iStat Menus, but the freeze still happens with iStat Menus disabled. Is WindowMizer working for others running macOS High Sierra?

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Re: WindowMizer randomly freezes in macOS High Sierra

Post by rgbworld » Sat Nov 03, 2018 8:06 pm

This was happening to me every once and a while with WindowMizer 5 (306b) on macOS 10.14. I have not yet experienced it with WindowMizer 5 (317b) - but it's early. I was never able to replicate the issue, but WindowMizer just stops working. When this happens, I do not get any debug logs of any kind. It is like WindowMizer disappeared from the planet. It doesn't register any clicks. It's just dead.

I am trying to discover if there is any consistency to when this happens, but I have had no success. If this is the same issue and I can fix it on WM 5, I can back-port it to WM 4 eventually.

I believe I may have force-quit the Finder and then WindowMizer started working again, but I am not certain if that is exactly what happened. I will be watching for this issue and looking for a resolution.

Thank you for the report.


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Re: WindowMizer randomly freezes in macOS High Sierra

Post by brubb0sw » Wed Dec 26, 2018 2:13 pm

I am having the same issue since I upgraded from El Capitan to High Sierra

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