DragThing Dock as a Drawer Issue

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DragThing Dock as a Drawer Issue

Post by rmoran »

I use the DragThing utility to create several types of docks. Once option for a dock is to be a drawer which will slide out from a screen edge when moused over. When I launch WindowMizer 4.4.2 (as well as the previous version) either at start-up or later, all the DragThing drawered docks are stacked in the first screen position where my minimized windows would go. If I simply move my mouse over these docks they do "slide" to the screen edge in their assigned location.

I would like the drawered docks to go to their assigned screen edges without needing to move my mouse over each of them to move to their assigned edge. This is admittedly a minor annoyance, but I would appreciate any suggestions on how to fix it. Thank you!

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Re: DragThing Dock as a Drawer Issue

Post by rgbworld »

Got it. This is one of the biggest bugs in WindowMizer. I do not have it fixed yet, but it is priority #1.
Let me explain what happens. It's quite complicated. This discussion will help me to clarify the problem as I work on a fix.

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DragThing Dock as a Drawer Issue

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You commit an error. Let's discuss it. Write to me in PM.

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