WindowMizer 5 Coming Soon

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WindowMizer 5 Coming Soon

Post by rgbworld » Tue Jun 19, 2018 9:09 pm

WindowMizer 5 Beta is Now Available. See Announcement Here.

Hi Everyone,
A new version of WindowMizer is coming soon. I apologize for the delay. You can read a few tidbits about WindowMizer 5 below. I also explain some of the reasons (excuses?) for the delay in releasing new updates as well as explaining the current website issues some of you are experiencing...

WindowMizer 5 brief
During the past year I have completely rewritten WindowMizer in a modern programming language known as Swift. In a nutshell, the entire code base was rewritten in order to simplify current and future development. It was the only way forward.

The upcoming WindowMizer 5 is compatible with macOS versions 10.12 through 10.14 Mojave (Mojave support will require a minor update when Mojave is released). All systems prior to OS 10.12 will have to use WindowMizer 4.4.x.

As soon as the beta is ready I will post a message in this forum requesting beta testers.

Website issues
A couple weeks ago – just as I am trying to finalize the beta version of WindowMizer 5, my host provider performed an upgrade of my web server which has been wreaking havoc on anything to do with sending emails - which is basically the entire store including Ordering/Checkout and contact form.

Due to the website issues and my inability to fix them immediately, I have temporarily disabled new purchases of WindowMizer. Rest assured this is temporary, and in a few weeks everything will be good in WindowMizer world.

Final excuse
This past week, the company I work for (the job that pays my bills) has been sold meaning I am working under completely new owners and management with a whole slew of new responsibilities etc. Anyone who has been through a buyout should understand the turmoil.

So, with all this going on (not to mention a recent surgery), it has caused a longer delay than anticipated, however I am VERY close to completion, and I sincerely apologize for any issues that anyone has experienced in the past few weeks.

Thank you,