History of WindowShade

windowshadeWindowShade was originally developed for System 6.0.7 by Rob Johnston, President and Director of Engineering, at Interactive Technologies, Inc. According to Wikipedia, Apple purchased the rights to this software from the developer and debut WindowShade as part of System 7.5.

When Apple released Mac OS 8, the WindowShade feature was implemented as a part of the Appearance Manager. A widget was added to the title bar to reproduce the functionality.

With the release of Mac OS X (1999), WindowShade was completely eliminated in favor of other technology, such as minimizing windows to the Dock, or moving them aside with Exposé. Apple apparently decided there was no more use for WindowShade.

A third party developer by the name of Unsanity, resurrected WindowShade for Mac OS X as a haxie™. Haxies were modifications to the system that used code-injection to perform their magic. Although software from Unsanity ran great for a few years, ultimately, updates became non-existent. Users were forced to either wait to upgrade their OS until a working version of WindowShade was released, or update their OS and forego WindowShade functionality. By the time an update was ready for Mac OS 10.6, Mac OS 10.7 had already been released. When Unsanity started asking for prepayment as a method of voting on which haxie they would update first, I decided to give up on using Unsanity's version of WindowShade.

So, due to Apple omitting WindowShade from the operating system, and due to the demise of WindowShade X by Unsanity, I decided to create WindowMizer for Mac OS X. I changed the name from WindowShade to WindowMizer to distinguish it from previous incarnations of the software.

Misc WindowShade References

Thread announcing the release of WindowShade 1.1 (Oct, 1989).

Archived copy of WindowShade version 1.2 (March, 1992).
Requires a 68k Mac using Mac OS 6 - Mac OS 7. Ahh! The good old days.

Latest Version of WindowShade X by Unsanity

Wikipedia for WindowShade

Apple Support Community - Is anyone able to use Unsanity haxies

Apple Support Community - How to live without windowshading?

Waiting for WindowShade X before Going Snow Leopard

WindowShade for Windows (I didn't know it existed)

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4 Comments To "History of WindowShade"

dxtr On Apr 05 2015
Just an aside or an addition. I have been using Deskovery for a while now. Works OK even in yosemite. I do like WindowMizer better though for a couple of reasons. First it renders better on the Retina display and Second it brings back sound to the interaction... Apple has been dropping the ball for a while now on the user interface and I think it may have all started when WindowShade was abandoned... too many bad things in 10.10 to list here but Windomizer seems to be a major step in the right direction. Reply to this comment
Johan-Martijn Flaton On Mar 10 2014
Yep, WindowShade was IT! More than "just" a haxie, it reminds us of the Apple community days of the 1980's and 90s. Those days are over now, but I'm glad that WindowMizer keeps us smiling ;-) Reply to this comment
Jonathan Hoyle On Mar 21 2013
I too have been a lover of WindowShade since way back in the Classic days, and for that reason I have stayed with 10.6 Snow Leopard for as long as I could. Sadly, I could not wait any longer, as my work required us to move forward, and so now I am on 10.8 without my beloved WindowShade. Only today did I hear of WindowMizer, and I am very much looking forward to trying it out! Reply to this comment
Mike Gibson On Feb 19 2013
Since there are too many annoying features in ML I am sticking to OS10.6 for the foreseeable future. Even so, and despite my love of Windowshade, I have stopped using the unsanity haxie. If you forget to turn off the APE module before a system upgrade it screws you up, and you'll be in so many endless loops that your battery consumption will go way down due to all the hard work the processor is doing. My computer has run so much more reliably since I got rid of it. Looking forward to trying windowmizer. Reply to this comment
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