RGB World releases WindowMizer

RGB World, Inc. has released a Mac desktop application named WindowMizer that adds a window-shade feature to Mac OS X. WindowMizer works on Intel™ Macs running Mac OS X 10.7 Lion through OS X 10.11 El Capitan. An older version of WindowMizer is also available for OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

 When using WindowMizer, windows can be rolled-up like a window shade to quickly see what's behind the current window. In a rolled-up (minimized) state, only the title bar of a window remains visible. Many windows can be left in the rolled-up state giving a constant overview of all windows at once. When you want to work on a specific window, you simply double-click the titlebar, and the window will un-roll and restore to its normal size.

WindowMizer performs window-shading by minimizing the real window to the Dock and leaving a placeholder titlebar on the screen. Double-clicking the placeholder titlebar restores the real window from the Dock. It's that simple. No more navigating to the dock to find a minimized window. With WindowMizer, your windows are always visible and always right where you left them!

WindowMizer is distributed and licensed directly through their website www.rgbworld.com

WindowMizer was previously available in the Mac App Store from June 2012 through March 2013. It was ultimately removed by RGB World because Apple™ would no longer allow WindowMizer updates to be submitted due to revised guidelines that exclude apps that cannot be sandboxed. WindowMizer's use of Apple's Accessibility API prevents it from being able to be sandboxed.

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Tracy On Jun 30 2014
I've been a Mac user since 1990...Windowshade was a staple for me and when it went away my work life got more complicated..it was replaced by a plethora of super complex organization tools, calendars, etc. that offered places to keep your "to do list", etc. All I want is to stack my windows top to bottom in order of priority - taking up as little space on my desktop as possible, so I can open them later when I have time, in the right order. Windowmizer, like it's predecessor, does just that. THANK YOU...15 years after I needed it - but better late than never! Reply to this comment
Minz On Oct 06 2013
Having a window minimize only to the Dock is like going downstairs to my condo mailbox to get my mail, going up to my apartment, laying it on my table just to need to go back downstairs to get it again when I wish to read the Mail. Because it returned to the Mail Box. Mahalo for "WindowMizer! Reply to this comment
Francis Sporer On Jun 05 2013
I'M KISSING YOUR FEET!!! I had been BEGGING Unsanity to update WindowShade! I don't understand why Apple ever stopped including this SIMPLE, ELEGANT window management system in the first place! Been a Mac user since 1988, and us oldtimers know about things that the newbies don't, in regards like this! Apple lets things slide anymore that once were SO helpful! NOW if you could upgrade the old "ACTION UTILITIES" app! It's sort of like Default Folder X, but WAY easier and more functional! "COPY AGENT" is another that I miss terribly in OS X!!! It ONLY replaced files that were new with one click... Things get more sophisticated and complicated, but lose usefulness because of it! <sigh!> Reply to this comment
15947644 On Mar 28 2013
thanks a lot…! was searching this for a long time! Reply to this comment
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